Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23

1929: June Carter Cash (Country Singer)
1940: Stu Sutcliffe (Original Bassist for The Beatles)
1941: Robert Hunter (Singer & Guitar for Grateful Dead & Solo)
1955: Glenn Danzig (Vocals for Misfits, Samhain & Danzig)
1956: Randy Darius Jackson (Bass Player & American Idol Judge)
1962: Steve Shelley (Drums for Sonic Youth)
1962: Chuck Billy (Vocals for Testament)
1964: Joey Allen (Guitar for Warrant)
1965: Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs (Rhythm Guitar for Oasis)
1966: James MacPherson (Drummer for Guided By Voices & The Breeders)
1975: KT Tunstall (Singer / Songwriter)
1977: Jason Mraz (Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist)
1978: Memphis Bleek (Malik Cox) (Rapper)
1978: Frédéric Leclercq (Bass for Dragon Force)
1984: Duffy (Aimee Anne Duffy) (Singer)


1960: Paul Anka opens at New York's Copacabana nightclub, the youngest act ever to do so at the time.

1963: Del Shannon's cover of the Beatles' "From Me To You" hits the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100, thus becoming the first Lennon-McCartney composition to ever make the US charts.

1967: John Entwistle ,Bassist for The Who, marries his first wife childhood sweetheart Alison Wise.

1970: Chubby Checker and three passengers are arrested in Niagara Falls after police discover marijuana and other, unidentified capsules in the rocker's car. The charges are later dropped, however.

1972: Smokey Robinson appears onstage for the last time with his group The Miracles in Washington, DC.

1975: Alice Cooper falls off the stage during his Welcome To My Nightmare tour stop in Vancouver, breaking six ribs in the process.

1976: Paul McCartney wraps up the Wings Over America tour at the Forum in Los Angeles, marking last time the ex-Beatle would tour until 1989.

1977: Who drummer Keith Moon joins Led Zeppelin onstage in Los Angeles for rousing versions of "Rock And Roll" and a drum duet on "Moby Dick," both pounded out on tympani.

1979: The Charlie Daniels Band released "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".

1979: The Knack released the single “My Sharona”.

1984: Duran Duran started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'The Reflex', the group's first US No.1.

1990: Actor Gary Busey, best-known for his lead role in the controversial 1978 biopic The Buddy Holly Story, purchases one of Buddy's guitars, complete with tooled leather case made by the rocker, in auction for approximately $240,000.

1990: 13-year-old Keith Sorrentino filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Madonna, claiming he suffered nightmares and bed-wetting problems after an incident outside Madonna’s home when she allegedly flung him to the ground.

2000: Michael Jackson is sued by a German promoter for $21 million after the singer cancels two once-in-a-lifetime millennial New Year's concerts.

2003: Diana Ross pleads not guilty to drunk driving charges in Tucson after being discovered with a 0.2 BAC, claiming that the arresting officer threatened her with injury if she didn't take the breath test.

2003: In London, Eminem gave a $450,000 necklace to a fan in the front row of a concert. He had announced while from the stage that "I'm going to give this to the sexiest woman I see."

2004: St. Andrews University in Scotland presents Bob Dylan with an honorary doctorate in Music.

2009: Chris Brown pleaded guilty to one count of assault on his former girlfriend, Rihanna. The 19 year-old R&B singer was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to do six months community service. Brown had faced charges of assaulting Rihanna, 21, during a fight in February. The last-minute plea deal came before a hearing at a Los Angeles court at which Rihanna was due to give evidence. The Los Angeles County Superior Court judge also ordered Brown and Rihanna to stay at least 50 yards from each other, except at entertainment industry events when the distance is reduced to 10 yards.

2010: 62-year-old Gregg Allman underwent a successful liver transplant operation at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. Allman had begun a series of treatments for Hepatitis C, but chronic damage of his liver led doctors to recommend a transplant. In a statement to the press, Allman said "I changed my ways years ago, but we can't turn back time. Every day is a gift."

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