Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 30

1908: Mel Blanc (Voice of Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck)
1909: Benny Goodman (Clarinetist & Bandleader)
1944: Lenny Davidson (Guitar for The Dave Clark Five)
1955: Nicky 'Topper' Headon (Drummer for The Clash)
1958: Marie Fredriksson (Vocals for Roxette)
1960: Stephen Duffy (Singer, songwriter, guitarist, founding member of Duran Duran)
1964: Tom Morello (Guitar for Rage Against The Machine)
1964: Wynonna Judd (Country Singer)
1966: Stephen Malkmus (Guitar & Vocals for Pavement & Solo)
1967: Sven Pipien (Bass for The Black Crowes)
1967: Tim Burgess (Vocals for The Charlatans)
1971: Patrick Dahlheimer (Bassist for Live)
1974: Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway) (Singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer for Goodie Mob, Gnarls Barkley & Solo)
1974: Big L (Lamont Coleman) (Rapper)

1966: University of New Brunswick student Anne Murray catches her first big break when the producers of the CBC-TV variety show Singalong Jubilee, for whom she'd auditioned two years earlier, offer her a weekly contract on the program.

1966: Dolly Parton marries her first and only husband, Carl Dean, in Ringgold, GA.

1968: The Beatles began recording what became known as the White Album. The double-LP whose official title was simply ‘The Beatles’ became the first Beatles album released with the Apple label. The first track they recorded was ‘Revolution’.

1969: The Beatles' latest single, John Lennon's autobiographical "The Ballad Of John And Yoko," is immediately banned at many radio stations in America due to its supposedly blasphemous lines "Christ, you know it ain't easy / You know how hard it can be / The way things are going / They're gonna crucify me." Some DJs create homemade versions of the song with the word "Christ" reversed, so as to defuse the controversy.

1972: Roxy Music makes their stage debut at The Great Western Express Festival in Lincolnshire, England.

1974: Bernadette Whelan, a 14 year-old David Cassidy fan, died of heart failure four days after attending a concert of his. Over 1,000 other fans had to be given first aid during the White City Stadium show.

1978: Led Zeppelin begin recording what would be their final studio album, In Through The Out Door.

1980: Carl Radle (Bass for Derek and the Dominoes) died from a kidney infection, exacerbated by the effects of alcohol and narcotics at the age 0f 38.

1987: Adam Horovitz from The Beastie Boys was arrested while on tour after a beer can hit a fan during a disturbance in Liverpool, England.

1990: Midnight Oil closed down 6th Avenue in New York City as they played a protest concert in front of Exxon's offices. The protest was in reaction to the Exxon Valdez disaster.

1991: Morrissey played the first date on his debut 'Kill Uncle' US concert tour at San Diego Sports Arena, California.

1992: Paul Simon marries his third wife, singer-songwriter Edie Brickell, in New York, raising some eyebrows due to the couple's 25-year age difference.

1993: Jazz Bandleader & Composer Sun Ra died from pneumonia.

1997: Neil Young canceled his European tour because he had cut his finger while slicing a ham sandwich.

1999: In London, a bomb threat at a Kenny Rogers concert being held at Royal Albert Hall caused the evacuation of more than 3,000. No bomb was found and no injuries were reported.

1999: In New Jersey, Lenny Kravitz walked off stage after 40 minutes and collapsed from heat exhaustion. He had been performing in a fur coat.

2002: On the eve of her latest tour, Diana Ross voluntarily enters rehab in Malibu in order to "clear up some personal issues."

2003: Singer Finley Quaye was threatened with jail after his mobile phone rang when he was in the dock waiting to be sentenced on charges of assault. After being found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend he was ordered to attend a six-month domestic violence program by a district Judge.

2004: Madonna was forced to pay out $400,000 in a lawsuit after copying ideas by the late French erotic photographer Guy Burton. Madonna had admitted that the video for her song ‘Hollywood’ was inspired by Burton.

2009: Six audience members are stabbed during gang violence at a War concert in Mountain View, CA.

2009: Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and B.B. King gather for a benefit concert to raise money for New Orleans public schools struggling to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Though too ill to perform, Katrina survivor Fats Domino attends as a special guest.

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