Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9

1941: Otis Redding (R&B Singer)
1952: Dave Stewart (Guitarist, Songwriter & producer for Eurythmics)
1953: John McFee (Guitar for The Doobie Brothers)
1965: MC Shan (Rapper)
1966: Adam Sandler (Comedian)
1970: Dray (Andre Weston) (Rapper in Das EFX)
1975: Michael Bublé (Pop Singer)
1977: Soulja Slim (James Tapp) (Rapper)

1954: Rising young star Elvis Presley performs at the opening of Memphis' Lamar-Airways shopping mall, and, afterward, meets audience member Johnny Cash for the first time.

1955: Seeburg introduces their latest jukebox, which not only holds a record 100 singles, but is also capable of playing the same number of EPs.

1956: Elvis Presley makes the first of three contracted appearances on Ed Sullivan's CBS show. (Sullivan had previously announced he would never have such an act on, but ratings prevailed and Sullivan offered Elvis a record $50,000 for the three shows.) Charles Laughton hosts, filling in for an ailing Sullivan. Elvis performs "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Ready Teddy," and "Hound Dog," but is shot from the waist up only, due to a scandalous swivel-hipped performance on NBC-TV's Milton Berle Show a few months earlier. A record 54 million viewers -- nearly 83 percent of the nation's sets! -- are tuned in to the event; the next day, pre-orders for "Love Me Tender" begin rolling in, forcing the release of the single to be bumped up by weeks.

1969: Jimi Hendrix made his U.S. television debut on "The Dick Cavett Show."

1971: John Lennon's LP "Imagine" was released in US.

1975: Paul McCartney and Wings begin their historic 13-month world tour, US dates of which will be captured on record as the double LP Wings Over America. The group plays to over two million fans total during the course of the tour.

1977: David Bowie appeared on Marc Bolan’s ITV show, Marc, singing ‘Heroes’ as well as a duet with Bolan, ‘Standing Next To You’, which is prematurely terminated when Bolan fell from the stage, much to Bowie’s amusement. After the show the pair recorded demos together which were never finished because Bolan is killed in a car crash a week later.

1981: Sting and Phil Collins both played their first solo sets at Amnesty's International's "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball."

1991: Tracy Byrd marries Michelle Hilton in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

1992: Nirvana's Chris Novoselic knocked himself unconscious during the MTV music and video awards after being hit on the head with his guitar after throwing it 'up in the air'.

1995: Coolio featuring L.V. scored his first US No.1 single with 'Gangsta's Paradise'. The song sampled the chorus of the 1976 Stevie Wonder song 'Pastime Paradise' and featured in the 1995 movie Dangerous Minds (starring Michelle Pfeiffer). Coolio was awarded a Grammy Award for the song.

1996: Bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe died from a stoke 4 days before his 85th birthday.

1996: Tom Petty's wife, Jane, filed for divorce after 22 years.

1998: An episode of "Judge Judy" aired in which Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten appeared as the defendant in a case involving a drummer who sued Rotten for allegedly head-butting him during a contract dispute.

2003: Simon and Garfunkel announce plans for a reunion tour, the first in 20 years and the first onstage reunion of any kind in a decade.

2004: US guitar maker Ernie Ball died after a long illness. In the late 50’s Ball opened the first music store in the USA in Tarzana, California to sell guitars exclusively. He developed the guitar strings called ‘Slinkys’ specifically designed for rock and roll electric guitar.

2005: Despite numerous fan protests, the City of Liverpool, England declares its intention to go ahead and demolish Ringo Starr's birthplace on Madryn Street, which the famous drummer lived in until the age of five.

2007: Country Singer Joe Nichols marries Heather Singleton at Whitfield Chapel in Savannah, Georgia.

2008: Former Raspberries lead and solo star Eric Carmen is arrested in his hometown of Cleveland on DUI charges. He will be sentenced to six months in jail, but only serve 30 days.

2008: A man was charged with assault after an attack on Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher during the band's set at the V Festival in Canada. Gallagher was admitted to hospital after a man ran on stage and pushed him over while he played guitar. Toronto police said Daniel Sullivan, 47, had been charged over the incident. A band statement said the guitarist "fell heavily on to his monitor speakers".

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