Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14

1927: Roger Moore (Bond, James Bond)
1946: Justin Hayward (Guitar & Vocals for The Moody Blues)
1958: Thomas Dolby (Singer & Keyboardist)
1961: Mike Tramp (Singer for White Lion)
1974: Natalie Maines (Singer / Songwriter for Dixie Chicks)
1978: Usher (Usher Terry Raymond IV) (R&B Singer)

1955: A young singer and guitarist named Buddy Holly opens for Bill Haley and his Comets in Holly's hometown of Lubbock, TX, impressing Nashville talent scout Eddie Crandell so much he sets him up with studio time for his first demo.

1964: Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, marries his first and only wife, Shirley Ann Shepherd, in Bradford, England. They're still married.

1966: Former R&B cover band Pink Floyd debut an entire set of psychedelic originals at tonight's gig at All Saints Hall in London.

1966: Grace Slick makes her first stage appearance with the band Jefferson Airplane at their Fillmore West gig in San Francisco.

1969: Police in New Jersey issued a warrant for the arrest of Frank Sinatra in relation to his connections with the Mafia.

1971: John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on ABC-TV's The Dick Cavett Show to promote John's new album Imagine, Yoko's new book, and their upcoming art exhibition.

1971: Music publishing firm, Arco Industries filed a $500,000 dollar lawsuit against Creedance Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty, claiming that Fogerty's song Travelin' Band "containd substantial material copied from Little Richard's Good Golly, Miss Molly". The suit was eventually dropped.

1972: Joe Cocker and six members of his touring band are arrested after a concert in Adelaide, Australia, when police allegedly discover marijuana and heroin in their hotel rooms. The group are not charged but instead given four hours to leave the country.

1977: At the personal request of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Linda Ronstadt sings the US national anthem at the beginning of their third World Series game against the New York Yankees.

1977: Bing Crosby collapsed and died of a massive heart attack after a round of 18 holes of golf near Madrid where he and his Spanish golfing partner had just defeated their opponents. It is widely written that his last words were "That was a great game of golf, fellas.

1990: Multi-Emmy and Grammy award-winning American composer, pianist and conductor, Leonard Bernstein died of pneumonia.

1996: Madonna gave birth to her first child Lourdes Maria Cicone Leon.

1997: Max Steiner's acclaimed score to 1942's legendary film Casablanca is finally released, including selected dialogue and the vocal hit "As Time Goes By."

2003: Former Temptation (and Dramatic, and Lakeside member) Barrington Henderson sues the band and the Motown label for wrongful termination and millions of dollars in alleged unpaid royalties.

2004: Eric Clapton was suspended from driving in France after being caught speeding at 134mph in his Porsche 911 Turbo near Merceuil. He was given $1,000 fine and his license was confiscated. After paying his fine Clapton posed for photographs with French police and then left the scene in his Porsche - with his secretary behind the wheel.

2007: Rapper T.I. was arrested and charged with weapons offences just hours before he was due to perform and collect two awards at the BET Hip-Hop gala in Atlanta. The 27-year-old was arrested in a car park on suspicion of collecting machine guns and silencers bought for him by his bodyguard. His award for CD of the Year was accepted by rapper Common, who jointly won the prize with T.I.

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